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How much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost £20 (30min), £30 (45min), and £40 (60min)

Lessons are once a week, unless otherwise agreed in advance, e.g. some learners come fortnightly, and I allow professional artists to check in on a flexible basis.

The first 30-min taster lesson is free and all lessons are paid in advance in 4-lesson blocks. Learners receiving two or more hours tuition a week will receive a 15% discount.


What will I learn in my lesson?

Each learner has individual goals. Singers with some experience come to me with a lesson plan in mind, while beginners sometimes require a little help to decide what they wish to achieve from lessons with me. Beginner singers and playing musicians first develop a strong music foundation with me and then focus on a favourite area of study (while continuing with general musicianship and theory).


Professional singers usually book a series of sessions over a short period before recording new songs to release or to prepare their voices for going on tour. They do the same after a tour, as travelling and singing in different environments is taxing and they often need to rebalance their voices.


Clients wishing to learn an instrument usually have an idea which instrument they wish to play, but because of my extensive musical background, some start out learning one instrument with me and switch to another one they feel better suited to.


Singers and players will learn basic musical language (theory) and how to read music. You will learn exercises for your instrument, to help warm up your voice and body, and you will practice performance material. As you progress, you can add songwriting, music production, and other musical elements to your program.


What age do you teach?

I teach learners from around age 7, no upward limit. 


Do you offer group lessons or discounts?

Yes, I offer both. Contact me to discuss.


What instruments do you teach?

I teach Piano (Beginner to Intermediate*), Violin (Beginner to Advanced), Viola (Beginner to Intermediate), Cello (Beginner to Intermediate), Guitar (Beginner to Intermediate), Trombone (Beginner to Intermediate). ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and Trinity College London examinations available.

* Intermediate is equivalent to ABRSM Grade 6 


What else do you teach?

I teach the following related subjects:

  • Speech and dialect coaching, for actors, business leaders, teachers, and public speakers. These sessions can be helpful for people who suffer with social anxiety or other issues causing speaking difficulties
  • Exam Preparation and Coursework (GCSE / AS- and A-Level / Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Music Theory
  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Music Production
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Professional Development for Musicians
  • Performing arts workshops at schools, businesses and community centres. (workshops can include: public speaking, pop choirs, solo singing, songwriting and arranging, professional development in the music industry, and social media marketing. *To enquire about me delivering a workshop, lecture or seminar in your school, workplace or other venue, please email or fill in the form on the contact page)


Where are you located?

I am based in Liverpool, UK.


What styles of music can I learn?

You can learn everything from Classical to Musical Theatre, to Contemporary (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, etc). Great vocal technique is rooted in Bel Canto, though application will vary, depending on the style you wish to sing, and so you can be confident your voice will develop safely and correctly with me, while sounding like the awesome individual you are! I am a ‘Mix’ singing teacher and continue to study the voice and vocal methods, including Contemporary Mix Singing, Bel Canto, Estill and Speech Level Singing. With string instruments (violin, viola and cello), we will begin with Classical education.


What are your teaching hours?

In-person lessons are available between the following times:

  • Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm (local time)
  • Saturday: 10am to 1pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED

I am flexible with clients in different time zones for online sessions, so please contact me at the link in the top menu.


How often should I come for lessons?

Most clients attend weekly sessions but I accept some clients on a short-term basis, such as:

  • Audition preparation for school and university entry
  • TV and Stage auditions
  • Theatre performances
  • Exam revision (GCSE, A-Level, Bachelors, Practical Musicianship and Music Theory exams)
  • Preparation for studio recording sessions
  • Preparation for concert tours (and rehab sessions after them!)

I also work in-studio coaching singers while they record their parts.


When can I start?

My availability permitting, you can start as soon as you wish!


What is your Studio Policy?

You can read my Studio policy here. These are the conditions we agree on in order for me to take you on as a client and what you should expect from me as a guide.


What am I committing to?

I teach year round, no commitment, though I suggest you try at least a month of lessons to see improvement. And the level of your improvement depends on how committed you are to practicing at home between our sessions.


Where can I hear your music?

Below are my songwriting and session vocals video reels. For more information about my commercial recordings as a singer and songwriter, or to book me for an event or studio session, please visit Emma Diva Official. You can also view my discography at the linked page in the menu on this site.