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piano lessonsIf you are looking for piano lessons in Liverpool, read on!


Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, I can help you improve your piano-playing skills with fun and engaging lessons.


All piano students will learn the basics of playing melodies and chords, and how to read music. You will also learn music theory without realising it, because I’ll help you understand how it applies to playing the songs and pieces you love. I develop lesson content to match each student’s goals, personality, and musical interests, so there isn’t a one size fits all approach to learning with me.


Learning music should always be enjoyable, even when it’s tough. Learners should feel inspired while challenging themselves and surpassing their limitations. I aim to help them enjoy the process of building musicianship and professionalism. I believe I can reach every child and adult, and give them the keys to unlocking talents and increasing confidence.


Some of my singers decide they want to learn piano too, to accompany themselves while singing. If you would like to combine learning two instruments, you can do that!


Sample 60-min Lesson:

  • Scales and Arpeggios (10-min)
  • Technical Studies (10-min)
  • Repertoire: pieces and/or song accompaniments (25-min)
  • Improvisation / Songwriting and Arranging / Other student choice (15-min)


Younger beginner pianists will combine scales and arpeggios in their piano tutor books.