Dear Student,

I hope you understand the necessity of establishing a studio policy. If you have questions regarding the information set out below, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you become a better musician!

This policy applies from January 2019. Learners will be notified in advance of any changes.

Kind Regards,

Emma L.M. Sweeney



Students are expected to attend weekly lessons. When you register for lessons with me, your learning time is reserved for the rest of the academic year. Students should continue lessons on at least a part-time schedule through the summer to maintain skills developed during the academic year.

I teach Mondays to Fridays, between 11:00h and 20:00h, in Palma (Son Oliva). Lessons are 60-min in length. Younger students may take 30-min lessons (age 7+). Parents/guardians are welcome to observe.

Note: Learners tend to progress better without a parent being there, but new students usually welcome their parents’ attendance during the first lesson, and it also helps reassure parents about leaving their children with me. Parents can also wait in the other room for the duration of the lesson or there is a cafe downstairs. Note: I have a current criminal records check.

Supplies & Instruments

All instrumental students MUST have an instrument on which to practice regularly. Playing musicians must also have a music stand on which to place their books while practicing.

Piano students can invest in an acoustic piano or digital piano. If you decide to buy or lease a digital piano, please invest in a full-size keyboard (88 keys) with weighted, touch-sensitive keys and pedals. Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least once a year and kept in working order.  Casa Marti in Palma has a great selection and a rental scheme for most instruments.

A notebook is provided at the first lesson to make a note of any homework I set and to keep a record of what was learned during the lesson. The notebook is also an effective means of keeping parents involved in what their children are learning and to help them monitor practice time at home.

Bills for music will be sent home as necessary. Please pay for the music by the next lesson.

Practice Time

Students need a daily, non-interrupted time to practice. Time will vary according to teacher assignments and student levels, but a guideline for under-8yr-olds is 10-15 minutes per day, and 30-60min per day for older students. Students should practice at least five days a week in order to see improvement, rather than trying to do one or two longer sessions at the weekend.

Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy

Lessons are 35€ per hour / 20€ per half-hour.

Following the initial period of one month of lessons (paid weekly), LESSONS ARE PAID MONTHLY IN ADVANCE, first lesson of the calendar month, for hourly or 30-min lessons.

Students receiving two or more hours of tuition per week will receive a DISCOUNTED RATE of 30€ per hour.

Any student more than two weeks late with fees will lose his or her lesson slot until the account is brought up to date. If tuition fees are not received before the 10th of the month, a 10€ late fee will also be incurred.

If you miss a scheduled lesson, you must give me 24-hrs notice or the missed lesson will be charged for. If you think you will be delayed, please call me, or send me an SMS, or write me a message on Whatsapp +34 672 502 594.

If I can find an alternative time during the week to make up the lesson for you, I will happily do so at no extra charge. Another alternative if you are not very sick but just can’t get to me for your usual lesson is for us to have a Skype/FaceTime session.

Missed Lessons

If you notify me more than 24-hrs before a scheduled lesson, the amount will be carried over to the next lesson and no charge made for the missed hour. Each student has a reserved lesson time, and is responsible for that time. Lesson time cannot be extended due to late arrival.

How To Pay

You can pay for your lessons in person, PayPal or bank transfer.

Media Release

Photos of students, and video and audio recordings of lessons may be posted online and used by the instructor for promotional use.  Identifying information will be excluded or limited to first names only.  Parents wishing to exempt their students from any published media may do so by providing a written exclusion request via email or snail mail.

Contacting Me

I am usually with a student, recording, or onstage, so the best way to reach me is to write me a message on Whatsapp at +34 672 502 594 or send an email to lessons@voicecoachworld.com and I will return your enquiry within 24-48 hours. I do not reply to non-urgent messages on Sundays.