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emma divaAlong with working with voice and instrumental learners, I am available as a studio session singer and songwriter. You can book me through SoundBetter for these services.


“Whether you seek a vocalist for a commercial release, song demo, or spoken word (audio books, jingles etc), with more than three octaves to my voice, I can provide you with what you need. I have 20+ years of experience in various genres (House (and all subgenres), EDM, Pop, Soul & Disco, Jazz…you name it, I can sing it.


Most of my clients release music in House, Soul and – wait for it – Heavy Metal genres and I love helping you guys achieve your music goals. When I’m not recording, I also work as a vocal coach. I’m a Classically-trained musician, so of course I read sheet music and can arrange vocal harmonies.


I provide 24-bit dry WAVs. If you prefer any other format, shoot me a message on SoundBetter.”


 Some of my session vocals for various clients