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Hear what some Voice Coach World students have to say! If you would like a singing or instrument lesson with me, please write an email to for more information

(All minors included with parental consent)


“I have studied singing and piano with Emma for four years.

I also play guitar, and what I learn during my piano lessons helps when I sing with my guitar because the chords are the same.

Along with practical lessons, we learn about chords and music theory. I’ve improved a lot on the piano, and voice lessons have boosted my confidence when I’m singing in front of people.

I want to continue singing and I like discovering new songs.

We have started songwriting during class, which I enjoy.

I like a challenge!”



“I’ve been studying with Emma for four years.

Singing lessons really help me to control my voice more than when I was just singing for fun.

I’m using different vocal styles, and improving my range all the time. My voice is much more flexible now, and I’m able to control it so I can sing in any style I like.”


“I’ve had singing lessons with Emma for about nine months. I’m now seven months pregnant!

I love the relaxation aspect and I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to lose myself in the music a lot more.

I like the fact that it’s also helping me express my voice as it is and I’m not afraid of people hearing me sing now. At the beginning I was very tight, very self-conscious.

I like the feeling of discovering things that I didn’t know I could reach with my voice.

At about five and a half months pregnancy I started noticing it was becoming more difficult to sing because the baby is taking all the space up! So we adapted the songs and keys during the lessons and I’ve been focusing more on breathing exercises to help build up more strength in my lungs. I’m also singing to the baby and humming a lot.”



“I have been having singing lessons with Emma for two years.

I love to sing; it makes me happy, and I am learning a lot of new things.I’m learning how to make my voice bigger and introducing more colour into my voice.

I’m finding new songs that I like, and not only am I improving my musical knowledge, but my English language too.

I’ve also started learning piano with Emma, too. I am really enjoying it!”