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violin lessons liverpoolI have taught countless musicians in the past twenty-five years, and Violin is still my favourite instrument to teach.


Lessons consist of learning the fundamentals of playing – how to hold the instrument and bow, posture, playing technique, and notereading and music theory. We start with Classical pieces and as violinists progress, we explore other genres, such as, Folk, Jazz and Pop.


Most students take examinations to chart their progress (it’s optional) and you can do so with ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and Rockschool examining boards. I find it useful to do so and children get such a sense of accomplishment from the experience.


I began teaching Violin lessons in 1994 when a friend on the A Level Music course asked me to tutor her brother, and I have taught it – and other instruments – ever since.


My career success is largely based in Singing and working with other singers, but my first instrument is actually Violin. I started playing the instrument at age seven. Five years later, I achieved ABRSM Grade 8 Violin – a speedy ascent, if I do say so myself! Anyone who knows about examinations will know Grade 8 is the highest practical exam the Board offers (aside from the suite of diplomas, which are taken at Professional level).


After learning a lot about the Violin, I learned Double Bass at age twelve, Viola at age sixteen; and finally, Cello at age eighteen.


My swift progress was made possible by the wonderful Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s Ms Winifred Genin (Aigburth, Liverpool), under whose tutelage I flourished. I took to playing the instrument like it was what I was born to do and while I am happy to have made the crossover to playing electronic violin in my live shows, I hanker to play in a Symphony Orchestra one day!


If you would like to know more, or to book a lesson for you or your child, please contact me.