Emma L.M. Sweeney has worked professionally since 1991 and toured extensively in the Contemporary & Classical worlds. Highly-skilled and adaptable to all genres, Emma is open to collaborations.

Emma coaches music clients (vocal technique and artist development), teaches music masterclasses and songwriting workshops, and tutors individual learners (strings, piano, music theory). She plays several instruments, but her specialities are vocals & strings (a classically-trained violinist, she also plays piano, guitar, trombone, viola, cello, double bass, and a tiny bit of clarinet).

She is a professional songwriter, vocalist & musician available for studio sessions, cowriting, live performances, and remote sessions. Her most recent album, ‘A Circle of Reality’ by Swiss metal band Creeon reached #13 in the Official Hit Parade charts in Switzerland.

Key info

  • BA (Hons) in Music; Diploma in Jazz and Commercial Music
  • Certificate in Commercial Music
  • ABRSM (Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music) Grade 8 Violin (at 12yrs old, after playing for just four years)
  • Author of ‘The Magic of Mix: The Practical Guide to Connected Vocal Mastery’, ‘Hot Vox: Warmups and Exercises for Singers, Actors and Speakers’, and ‘The Career Singer: Get Booked As A Professional Vocalist’


Some of Emma’s session vocals:


A compilation of live vocals:


Nomadic for Solo Violin Cello Duet in F Major Concertino in D Minor for String Quartet