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Some recent clients Emma L.M. Sweeney has worked with as a voice coach, songwriter and session singer:


‘Utopia’ – Anna Lux (Voice Coach and Bassist)


‘Hope In Hell’ – Creeon feat. Seraina Telli (Songwriter)


‘Days Gone By’ – Rockstar Publishing artists (Lyricist)


‘Who We Are’, Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project (Voice Coach)


‘Hold On’, Albie Davies (Voice Coach) 


‘World Away’, Alienare and Anna Lux (Voice Coach, Songwriter) 


‘Illuminate’, AnnA Lux, Alienare, Alphamay, Schwarzschild (Voice Coach and Songwriter)


‘Secrets’, Aura Davis (Voice Coach)


‘#NEON’, Alienare, Songwriter


‘Like That’, Torrey Mercer (Songwriter) 


‘Circle of Reality’ (album), Creeon (Songwriter) 


‘Sanctuary’, Anna Lux (Voice Coach and Songwriter)


‘Still On Track’, Aendeal (Voice Coach)


Listen Before I Go (Billie Eilish cover), Isabella Remkes