Maximise your potential and train at my studio or with online music lessons using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Lesson content is tailored to your individual needs.

Most learners have weekly lessons; some with prior experience attend on an ad hoc basis, e.g. intensive courses for auditions and university interviews, live tour preparation, and vocal rehabilitation.

You can combine singing, playing, songwriting and arranging, professional development and music business in your lessons, or focus on one area.

If you are studying music at school or university, I will prepare you for your academic examinations.

Please click any of the bullet points to read about your particular area(s) of interest.

  • Singing

  • Strings (Violin: Beginner to Advanced; Viola: Beginner to Advanced; Cello: Beginner to Intermediate)

  • Piano (Beginner to Upper Intermediate)

  • Trombone (Beginner to Upper Intermediate)

  • Guitar (Beginner to Intermediate)

  • Music Theory

  • GCSE/A-Level/BA Music

  • Songwriting Live Sound and Microphone Technique

  • Music Production

  • Music Business

Singing Lessons

I will help you establish and improve your vocal technique, build skills, reduce performance anxiety, find your signature style, and take care of your voice and body. Students report an increase in mood and confidence after working with me. Lessons are tailored to each client’s needs and can include artist development and mentoring for your journey into the music and entertainment industry, songwriting, music theory, music business, and piano or guitar.

Prepare for auditions, studio sessions and live performances. Voice Coaching for beginners and working professionals*. Ideal for singers, actors, and anyone else who uses his or her voice professionally. I also offer voice retraining for those wishing to modify the pitch of their voice in daily usage.

Vocal training for beginner singers and more experienced vocalists, and public speakers. I will help you improve your technique, reduce anxiety and take care of and develop your voice. I also give dialect training for non-English singers who wish to pursue work in the UK and United States, and provide voice training for actors, female impersonators and people undergoing gender reassignment. I teach Mixed Voice singing.


* Professional Performers

Heavy touring schedule? No problem. Once you know how to look after your voice and do everything twice as easily with twice as much clarity, your busy gig diary will be a breeze.

Lessons include artist development and mentoring for your journey into the music and entertainment industry.

If you are a professional singer or voice actor and wish to book a diagnostic session or regular voice coaching sessions with me, please send an email to:


Beginner Singers and Children

When you begin singing, you might not know what genre you wish to sing in or even what your voice is capable of. During our sessions, I will work with you to find and extend your vocal range, strengthen your voice, learn to breathe correctly and support your tone, and practice songs you like while learning new material I carefully choose to help with whatever the goal is, e.g. diction, breathe support, vibrato, style etc.


Recommended Reading: Vocal Wisdom by Giovanni Lamperti: One of the fathers of modern pedagogy, this book offers origins to many of common pedagogical ideas today. This reference also provides a great baseline for the commonly used “bel canto” technique.


Music Theory

As your practical skills improve, it is important you develop a solid understanding of the building blocks of music, whether you are a singer or a playing musician. Knowing how the pieces fit together in music you learn will make you a better and more confident performer.

For those wishing to take advanced practical exams (ABRSM Grade 6 and above), or to apply for a Bachelor Degree program at university, ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory (or equivalent) is a requirement. Therefore, unless you have been learning theory alongside your practical music lessons (I incorporate the two), you may find yourself needing a music theory crash course.

I strongly recommend you buy this book! The AB Guide to Music Theory: Part I is something every musician should have in their toolkit.


GCSE/A-Level/BA Music

Smash your school or university course by complementing your academic learning with one to one tuition with me. You can also arrange a small study group of up to four learners (discounts available).

Learning is about more than academic success, but in order to progress to the next level of your musical path, you may have to achieve certain educational benchmarks. Confidence and happiness in learning is as important as academic achievement.

Children and young adults face a plethora of pressures at school and university, and so I strive to provide a friendly and relaxed learning space for my students. I have much experience with gifted and nervous learners, and those with ADHD and ASD.

Some of the topics covered in our tailored study sessions:

  • Vocal Technique and Style
  • Instrumental Skills
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Past test papers (example past paper for AQA Listening module)
  • Music Technology